Syahata A Bad Day

Syahata A Bad Day

If you are a lover of fighting games and want to download the best fighting game. Then here we introduce one of the best games for you. Syahata A Bad Day is an action-based game for players. There are three different characters to the players named, Lumina, Blaze, and Spark. Each character has the good skills to win the game. The first character Lumina will be able to Launch fireballs that burst into flames. The other two characters are common in the game to play. The first is the main character of the game.

Syahata A Bad Day APK is a unique action game in the market that is a competitor of the School Dot Fight. The game introduces many fighting elements and items for the players. As a player, you can optimize the given elements, items, and puzzles of this game to win the match. Each victory can unlock the levels and missions of the game. You can easily unlock the missions of this game by putting the diamonds of the game. The game allows you to use the diamonds in the game to unlock missions and levels of the game.

The game is set in a Japanese school. There are a lot of zombies and monsters in the school. You need to defeat and kill the zombies and monsters in the game to win the match. However, the game has unique difficult challenges. You need to stand against your zombies to save your school students from the monsters and zombies. The game is very attractive and a mindset game for the players. As a player, you can kill the zombies and monsters that are the enemies of your student and you. Each zombie has a superpower.

Features of Syahata A Bad Day:

This game has tons of features and elements. You can use the following features of the game to make your gaming experience wonderful.


The graphics you will find in the pixel with 2D. It is a wonderful thing about this game that allows you to play the game with high-quality attractive graphics.


There are tons of weapons available to the players. Players can easily get a lot of weapons in the game to fight against their zombies and monsters to kill them to win the match.


Syahata A Bad Day has a lot of different characters for the players. Each player chooses their favorite character of the game to enjoy the game without any paying cost.


The game allows you to use a user-friendly interface that can be optimized to get the wonderful experience of the game for free of cost.

Free Download

This game you can download for free of cost on here landing webpage. Hence, the game has many features and elements that you can use after free download this game here.


Syahata A Bad Day APK is the unique and latest game in the market you can play on all kinds of smartphones. However, the game allows you to play the game with your friends and relatives. There are many attractive characters for each player. As a player, you can play this game with coins and diamonds. The game allows you to collect unlimited diamonds and coins for free of cost.

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February 21